We are Passionate About House Music, its Community and its Culture.

We created the 1st House Music Community App, and this its sister website, the Annex website, because we are passionate about house music and its culture. We noticed that current house music apps focus on music, not the people who love it. We specifically created it to present in one place all of the elements of house music culture. Members come together to begin or continue their house music journey. On our website, you can share past and present experiences, tell stories, network, teach, learn, and earn without the distractions that exist on other social media networking platforms.

We are a team of friends and associates who love house music and its culture. We believe that coming together as a community we all can share the love, experiences and the journey it is taking us on.


First House Music Community App

The app is a FREE download and was built out based on house music culture which includes 20+ genres, art, dance, disc jockeys, and music communities, along with 15+ topics that connect members based on their interests and lifestyle. Unlike Facebook, conversations never get lost, and everything that someone has an interest in is in one place. The right individuals have the opportunity to become a Host of their own Private Community to run and monetize as they see fit.


Online Courses, Tutorials, Q&A’s and Live Streams

With the ability to offer workshops 24/7, we also provide avenues to teach, learn, and earn for the house music community. As such, we partner with Artists and industry professionals to present music, educational, dance, art, and lifestyle classes that will make member experiences well worthwhile.

Private Public Figures Community

Celebrities, Public Figures and Global Brands

Our one and only Exclusive Public Figures Network, is a private community for public figures, celebrities, and established global brands to connect, network, and collaborate with their peers’ fans free!

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